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Introducing Omnis Lux, an advanced water heater range, equipped with Smart Control Technology. Now enjoy ease of control, personalization of baths and huge energy saving with a combination of high-tech features like Smart Bath Logic, Auto Diagnosis and Eco Function. Now control your hot showers and be reborn every day.
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Smart Bath Logic

Save up to 30% electricity with intelligent functions that empower you to customize your bathing experience
Water Geyser with Auto Diagnosis

Auto Diagnosis

Advanced microprocessor that keeps all parameters in check for protection against electric shocks and auto-off function in case of malfunction
Water Geyser with Energy Saving Function

Eco Function

Self-learning function that constantly optimizes the water temperature by understanding your usage pattern
Omnis LUX Water Heater By Racold India
Water Geyser with Safety Plus

Safety Plus

Complete safety for your family against high temperature and pressure with Safety Plus
Water Geyser with Titanium enamel coating and heating element

Titanium Plus Technology

High durability and superior withstanding capacity with Titanium Plus Technology, specially designed titanium steel tank with titanium enamel coating and titanium heating element


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