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Prestige Gold Hobtop 4 Burner AI – PHTG 04

SKU: 7321
India's Only Convertible Gas Stove SCHOTT Glass with Advanced Auto Ignition ! Designed to be the world's slimmest cooktop, the Prestige Hobtop is both, a gas stove and a hob. With knobs conveniently placed on the top, the Hobtop comes with Advanced Auto Ignition feature which makes it convenient for cooking. In addition, the toughened SCHOTT glass top is not only elegant to look at but also easy to clean. And to top it all, the Hobtop has specially designed brass burners and other components from Sabaf in Italy, which is one of word's leading brands for cooktop and hob components. These Sabaf burners provide uniform heating, consume lesser gas and are specially crafted for Indian cooking. What's more, the Hobtop even complies to European emission norms. Using as Gas Stove or a Hob: Connect power cord to the 5 Amps. power socket on the wall tiles for Auto Ignition and Timer Function .
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