Refund Policy

How do I return my product?

You can return an order by clicking Return on the My Orders page.

* We accept returns within 15 days of the order. Please ensure while returning the product the packaging is intact the way it was delivered.

* We do not accept returns for boxer shorts due to hygiene concerns.

Visit My Orders page >

We will arrange a pick-up within 2-3 days of your request.

There are certain areas where we cannot provide a pick-up service. However, you can self-ship your product through any courier service, preferably Speed Post.

How will I get my refund ?

Wallet refund will get credited within 24 hours of your product being picked.

NEFT refund process takes 72 hours.

Payment Gateway refund process takes 7 to 9 working days excluding Saturdays/Sundays and Bank Holidays.

NOTE* - If you have made cardless or credit card finance payments then your luggage will not be refunded. If there are any deficiencies in the product, then the product will be changed by us, but the order will not be canceled.


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