• ATTREYA Heliac Solar Inverter 2000 - 50A/24V

ATTREYA Heliac Solar Inverter 2000 - 50A/24V

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Heliac Solar Inverter 2000 – 50A/24V

Heliac Solar Inverter 2000 – 50A/24V

Heliac Solar Inverter 2000 – 50A/24V is a solar hybrid inverter that utilizes both Solar Power and Grid Power to charge the batteries with priority given to solar power. Solar power is of the first priority while charging. This means that when Solar power is available, the batteries will be charged with it only, irrespective of whether Grid power is available or not. It is designed to give you the maximum advantages from the Sun and thereby reduces your Electricity costs.

Heliac Solar Inverter 2000 – 50A/24V has the following advanced features like PWM solar charge controller, Most advanced Multi-Color LCD Display, Maximum preference to solar, Built-in IT Mode, etc.

Operating Mode Selection:

  1. PCU Mode Priority: Solar Energy → Battery → Grid
  2. Smart Mode Priority: Solar Energy → Grid → Battery
  3. Hybrid Mode: Priority for load → Grid → Solar Energy → Battery
  4. Priority for battery charging: Solar → Grid

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