• SOFT TECH Epson LQ-2090II Dot Matrix Printer
  • SOFT TECH Epson LQ-2090II Dot Matrix Printer
  • SOFT TECH Epson LQ-2090II Dot Matrix Printer
  • SOFT TECH Epson LQ-2090II Dot Matrix Printer

SOFT TECH Epson LQ-2090II Dot Matrix Printer

SKU: LQ-2090II
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Country of Origin: India
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Technical Details Specification
Printer Type: 24-pin, serial impact dot matrix
Print Method: Impact dot matrix
Printer Language: Epson ESC / P2, IBM PPDS
Control Panel: 6 switches and 10 LEDs
Print Direction: Bidirectional logic seeking for text and graphics printing; unidirectional text or graphics printing can be selected using software commands
Colour White/Black
Number of Pins in Head: 24 pins
Total Print Volume: 50 million lines (not including printhead)
MTBF 25,000 POH (25% duty cycle)
Printhead Life: 400 million characters, Draft 10 cpi, 14 dots/character
Ribbon life: 8 million characters, LQ 10 cpi, 48 dots/character2
Character Sets: 13 character tables
14 international countries character sets
Bitmap Fonts: Ultra High Draft: 10 cpi
High Speed Draft: 10, 12 cpi
Draft: 10, 12, 15, 17, 20 cpi
LQ: 10, 12, 15, 17, 20 cpi
Scalable Fonts: EPSON Sans Serif: 10.5 pt., 8 pt. - 32 pt. (every 2 pt.)

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