How to Buy a Mobile, AC and Fridge, Electronics on EMI at Zero Down Payment?

Posted on: April 25th, 2022 03:59 PM

Electronics have become an unavoidable part of modern life. We use our mobiles, fridge, AC and other electronic appliances for everything from shopping to storing food, sleeping well and making life a little easier.

In such a situation, purchasing some good electronics is both vital and costly. You can, however, buy electronics on EMI and upgrade to newer models like getting an Air Conditioner on EMI, mobiles on EMI fridge on EMI and more.

EMI is one of the simplest methods to buy your favourite electronics without breaking the bank. Thanks to the internet website and many payment options, you may also buy electronics on EMI without a credit card with zero down payment.

Getting electronics on EMI is quick and convenient and does not require a large upfront investment. Paying with EMI allows you to spread out your payments over a longer period of time, making it easier on your wallet.

Let's look at some more advantages of purchasing Electronics on EMI.

Benefits of Buying Electronics on EMI

You Will Need Small sum of money
The nicest aspect about getting electronic appliances on EMI is how easy it is to keep track of monthly expenses by investing little sums. You can buy an Air Conditioner on EMI by paying a fixed monthly amount with no upfront commitment.

You can Enjoy Liquidity
When you buy appliances on EMI, you lose a month's worth of savings or a significant portion of your salary. You can get the electronics you want without having to use a credit card, thanks to EMI alternatives.

You Will Never Have to Worry About Spends
You will not have to worry about cracked screens, faulty functioning, or AC wiring issues because Zebrs offers fascinating EMI choices and a large selection of electronics. You may change your appliances whenever you want without worrying about money.

How to Buy Electronics on EMI with Zero Down Payment

At Zero Percent Interest
Buying electronics on EMI with zero-interest incentives is the most appealing scheme these days. It enables buyers to acquire ACs, fridge, phones and more without incurring any interest payments. It'll be a win-win situation if you include the benefit of a zero-down payment plan. Not only is there no down payment required, but there will also be no interest charges on the loan amount.

Make Use of Debit Cards
Credit cards can be inconvenient at times. Extra fees and unwelcome calls are inconvenient, but you can avoid all of that with debit card-based EMI plans. Many people have debit cards and consider them to be a more convenient option. You may also buy electronics on EMI with a debit card.

Zebrs offers Electronics on EMI at Zero Down Payment

Who would deny a new AC or a fridge with the convenience of instalments, no down payments, and no credit cards? Take advantage of EMI and purchase a phone from Zebrs that meets your needs.

We have a large selection of smartphones from LG, Panasonic, Hitachi, Whirlpool, Godrej, IFB, Samsung, and more. Visit our website right now for your preferred electronics and place an order.


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