How To Buy Electronics on Easy Monthly Installments in India?

Posted on: March 5th, 2022 05:19 PM

In the times when everything is getting digitized and advanced, electronics with excellent features are a necessity. Whether it is a laptop, mobile, washing machine or a TV – a modern electronic product with good features is used for every purpose.

Now, if you wish to have electronics that fulfil all your requirements they may cost more than you can pay off in one go. So, now the question is, how can you get electronics if you're running low on funds? Well, the answer is to Buy Electronics on EMI.

With online electronic shopping in India, it has become easier than ever to buy gadgets and consumer durables on EMI. When you buy electronics on EMI, you can purchase your preferable machine right away. With EMI, you can then repay the cost of electronics as monthly instalments (EMIs) at your convenience.

Before we talk about buying electronics on EMI, let's look at the benefits.

Benefits of Buying Electronics on EMI
Considering the high prices of gadgets and electronics, many buyers hold or cancel the purchase until they can afford it. While on the other hand, the smart buyers consider going for EMI and getting the product they want without going heavy on the pockets. Here are some more benefits of buying Electronics on EMI

    • You don't have to churn out your Savings
    • There is an option of Flexible Repayment
    • You can avail of the Seasonal Offers
    • With a good credit score, you can get quick Approvals
    • No Down Payment required

How to purchase Electronics on EMI?

Here are some popular options available to customers for Online shopping on EMI

Online Marketplaces
Online electronic shopping in India has become a hassle-free experience, with online portals offering electronics. You can choose your desired payment method and at no cost EMI where you will be provided a list of credit/debit cards that you can use to complete the purchase. The next step will be to select the preferred card, choose the payment period, and check out.

Zebrs is one such portal that allows you to buy your favorite electronics on EMI without a hassle. Just visit our store and select your favorite electronic products and checkout with secure payment gateways.

Using the Bajaj Finserv Card
You can use a Bajaj Finserv card to buy electronics on EMI. It has tie-ups with multiple stores and allows payment with EMI.  

While paying online, you can choose the EMI purchase using the Bajaj Finserv card, and your work is done. While purchasing on EMI requires some additional documents, buying with a Bajaj Finserv EMI network card, you won't require documents.
Online Consumer Loan Providers
Providers like zest money and capital walunut 369 offer consumers durable no-cost loans. You have to choose your preferred consumer durable loan provider, sign up for an account and activate your credit limit. Next, choose the electronic you wish to buy and select your loan provider as the payment option.

Once the purchase is done, you can pay the loan to the loan provider in EMIs.

Order Your Favorite Electronic on EMI From Zebrs

Now that you know how easy it is to buy your preferred electronics on EMI, why don't you go ahead and order one today from Zebrs.

We have a large collection of phones, smartwatches, washing machines, air coolers, irons, and more. So, head over to the store now and order your favorites on EMI without worrying about total payments in one go.


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