How to Buy Electronics on EMI without Credit Card in India?

Posted on August 26th, 2022 03:38 PM

Most expensive electronics are bought on EMIs but a Credit Card is required to buy electronics on EMI. Many people don’t have a Credit card so they are confused about how to buy any electronics without a credit card.    

One can buy electronics from e-commerce sites and can pay the amount in installments but sometimes the buyer doesn’t have any credit card or bank account or documents.

If you don’t have a credit card then need not worry because you can order your  Electronics on EMI without a credit card. In this article, we will tell you the procedure to buy electronics on EMI without a Credit Card.

Non-Credit Card EMI Option
If you don’t have a credit card then there are some other options by which you can buy electronics easy way:

    • Debit Card

In today’s time, almost every bank offers EMI facilities on Debit Card. One can use a debit card to buy electronics such as AC on EMI without Credit Card online or offline. From major shopping websites, you can choose easy installments through your Bank Debit Card for online purchasing.

    • EMI Cards

Without a Credit card, you can buy electronics through an EMI card. This EMI card is a pre-approved loan by which you can shop your product and convert them into easy EMIs.

    • Personal Loans

When you buy any electronics on Personal loans then they make your EMI payment easier. These are not only affordable but also offer some convenient repayment options.
There are many lenders in the market today that offer you a number of loans to choose from.

    • Startup Lenders

New-age digital startup lenders are catering to lakhs of followers who want to buy Electronics on EMI. Through these, you can get any of the electronics with instant approval and fast delivery. This process is completely digital so anyone can apply for a loan anytime.

Benefits of Buying Electronics on EMI without a Credit Card  

    • You don’t have to touch your savings

If you’re buying electronics like laptops, TV, AC, etc. then you don’t need to carry extra cash with you. You can buy electronics with EMI and there are no requirements for credit cards.

    • Zero Down Payment

These days most electronics are available on zero down payment. By shopping through the EMI store, you can avail the benefits of zero down payment on electronics, if you’re buying a No-Cost EMI washing machine then the EMI store makes it available to its customers.

    • Increase the Affordability

EMI makes anything affordable whether it is a Laptop, AC, TV, Mobile, Smartwatch, etc. When a lump sum payment is not required, by which the stuff is less expensive for customers and the amount divides into equal installments, through this you can pay in smaller portions.

    • Financial Planning becomes Easy

EMI doesn’t bother your pocket, because you know how much installment you’ve to pay monthly. If you are buying a home appliance like Washing Machine on EMI then you can purchase it on EMI without using any credit card. You can invest the rest of your money and earn interest in it.

    • Comfortable Online Shopping

Through any leading e-commerce site, you can do online shopping with EMI Network Card or Insta EMI  card.

    • Zero foreclosure charges

You won’t have to pay any foreclosure charge on paying your first EMI.

How to buy Electronics on EMI?

If you’re buying electronics on EMI then you should consider the following steps which are given below:

    • First select your product such as TV, Laptop, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Digital watch, and so on.
    • Place your order, after that you will be redirected to the Financer site.
    • Fill out the EMI form and upload the required documents.
    • When you get approval then pay the Down Payment.


In this article, we have provided information about how to buy electronics on EMI without any credit card. So those who don’t have credit cards then need not worry as they can buy Electronics on easy EMIs.


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