Need Of EMI

Posted on: May 12th, 2022 03:39 PM


Why EMI Is Important

Nowadays everything is available on EMI, but is EMI really important? What does this EMI actually mean? Is there any benefit to the customer by buying products on EMI? Millions of questions swirl in our mind while shopping on EMI.

According to our research EMI is really important for us. It has several benefits, which we’ll mention, but before this it is important to know, that what is EMI really useful for? EMI is not a discount, it’s just a name for “Pay Easy Money”. Yes, buying on EMI means buying any product and paying later. Nowadays you have so many options in EMI like no-cost EMI, card-less EMI, flexible EMI etc.

Let’s see why EMI is important:- EMI is important because it takes care of our financial health. With EMI the product of our need comes in our pocket. It isn't harmful to our budget. We have many doubts before buying a product and EMI is the solution to all these doubts.

1. Cost Effective EMI giving the best possible profit or results in comparison with the money that is spent, in common language EMI producing good results without costing a lot of money.

You don’t have to pay the full amount at once and by paying slowly, that money does not seem heavy. So, cost-effectiveness is a very good part of EMI.

2. Freedom to buy:- This method also gives you the freedom to buy any product immediately.

If you want to take a product in an emergency, then you don’t have to think much about it, or break your savings. You can buy any product by paying money according to your affordability.

3. Plan your payment:- Buying on EMI allows you to plan your payments in advance. From making plans, you can easily buy any expensive thing immediately.

A common man doesn’t have money to buy expensive products at once, but if he knows that I have to pay 1000 rupees every month, then he can easily withdraw this money in a month. Having a payment plan in advance makes it easier for you to make further decisions.

4. 0 Down-Payment option:- 0 Down-payment option is useful in case of sudden need of product, when we don’t have any savings.

You can buy the product you need instantly without paying money and then with using that product you can easily pay. Rather, if you buy a business item from EMI, then the product itself earns its monthly installments.

5. Card-less EMI :- Several shops and online sites now offer cardless EMI.

You can shop on EMI even if you don’t have any kind of credit or debit card. You can buy any product in just one click without the hassle of cards.

6. No Mediators :- With the option of EMI you pay money to the lender, whose amount is already fixed and neither any lender can tell more price nor is there any party involvement in the middle.

7. Multiple Installments :- EMI option will not burn a hole in your pocket, so the EMI option doesn't make you feel the burden of investing in any product. You have the option of multiple installments from which you can choose the installment according to your convenience and you have to pay only in the selected month.

8. In your pocket :- EMI option will not burn a hole in your pocket, so the EMI option doesn't make you feel the burden of investing in any product. Thanks to EMI, now all your necessary products can come in your pocket.

By reading all these options, now we know why EMI is important. This is the only answer to all the questions that come to your mind while buying the product. “Buying goods is not easy but EMI makes it easy”.

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